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  • 3 T-shirts, $200, $100 of that money was gift cards. I got a victoria secret gift card from a friend...i decided to spend it on magazines. Also a TV out of luck..:).
    Ive been sleeping a lot since break. Been getting ready for new years. Ive been playing tekken6. What you get for christmas?
    Its easier to talk to the president, than to have a well-rounded conversation with you.:lol:...hows it going?
    lets go man we been friends on wii chat since i gt here and i still dont have ur friend code wat is it mines 0473-7600-5139
    Sorry but no. It's that I have so many people registered and I'm starting to erase people and i'm not trying to get more people anymore.
    Sorry I spelled homebrew channel "bomebrew channel" it's homebrew. My ipod corrects my spelling..
    Well the steps are complicated and long and would take for ever for me to explain but I can give you the generalities but u can look up instructions on the Internet
    First u definately need a hacked wii (a wii with bomebrew channel) if u don't know what a bomebrew channel is, it's a channel on the wii that allws u to play custom made program for the wii.
    To get the bomebrew channel u need a wii with a modchip or u can try doing the twilight hack if u have a 3.3 ver. Or less.
    Once u get the homebrew channel u need to get the program called "ocarina" and what it is is that it modify the games by inputng certain codes (like action replay)
    Then you can find a code that allows ur brawl to read texture files from the SD card.
    U save the texture files u find on the Internet on a certain specified folder.
    Once u play it, then ull have the texture hacked character.
    For more specific instructions on how to get the homebrew channel, just go to YouTube
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