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  • Hey Smash, you still come on here anymore? I'm gonna be fixing my wii in about two weeks and I hope to add you again when it's all repaired. And yes i've hacked the wii.
    Do you think cheapness matters on a free for all match? I know it's wrong to be cheap on a 1 vs 1 match (especially with a ref) but on a FFA with 3 people, is it a big deal? What if it's just a little bit of cheapness? Come on, you use Mario's cape right near the edge!
    Hey Smash, I wouldn't actually delete you on brawl, but Mstuh was mad that I wouldn't stand up for him so I wanted to show him that I would... he said that he wants to be nicer to you so he's trying... anyways just don't call him a noob anymore and you'll get along fine
    Dude I saw u online but u were"......" u leave it on?..Message me 4 a decent..not pro..XD
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