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  • we have added u ill change your FC on the site so every one else adds you and u need to be a member of the site plz
    Good news for COD fans,black ops 9 november 2010 for wii has been confirmed wii chat thread for link.
    Game so far has 4 player co-op,crossbow(with detachable explosive arrow heads).
    I hope wii speak is thrown in this time it needs it...
    Yes i have Mario Kart(and i compete in compertions).
    Monster hunter tri(EU)
    Tatsunoko v capcom.
    The Conduit.
    COD reflex.
    pokemon wii.
    Bomberman blast.
    Yes i play Mwr.
    I was in the NWC Clan under NWC-Koenig but i left because i was booted from Gametrailers.com for defending my self?any how im now looking for a clan on wii chat.
    i still have NWC Clan on my MWR List for rival frendlys and matches,NWC are strong players so i need a clan as strong or stronger.
    My i suguest adding other clan to FC for clan battles.
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