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    Analyst expect wii 2(wii reflesh)in 2011.

    Me too,could be this year E3/Tokyo game show. Nintendo France marketing romour...
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    UK Official ninty magazine now has nintendo channel called Nintendo TV

    Head over to your nintendo channel now for your weekly udates now.
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    WTF 3DS(DS2)more 360/PS3 ability than wii spec. could 3DS be also wii 2 or is Wii 2 soon on its way has prachter claimed and nintendo french employee Bluray claim...
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    New cheaper ps3 slim/360 slim and Blu-ray.

    From what ive read new PS3 will be £199.99,the new 360 slim(Blu-ray)natal,slightly higher spec(rumoured xbox 540)samish cpu to PS3 will cost $299. This price would only be for a short period before price drop. Sony will try to cash in on this also sony plan to unveil a £49.99 subscriction of...
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    New cheaper ps3 slim/360 slim and Blu-ray.

    He works for Sony!sometimes they tell him stuff on a need to know basis. From whats been speculated for E3 is a price drop to £199.99.
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    New cheaper ps3 slim/360 slim and Blu-ray.

    I know a guy who works for sony near where i live and he repairs ps3's checking motherboards and checking and reloading software,He is himself is not a gamer but loves the job. Right he told me that they are working with a new smaller motherboard and that its for a new cheaper ps3,i asked him...
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    Bad news,due to late fall compeption,Ghost recon has been delayed until march 2011.

    Bad news,due to late fall compeption,Ghost recon has been delayed until march 2011.
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    mht Q&A thread

    cool u from newfoundland!i own a pure black newfie ***** called molly. Any hows does anyone know where the jumbo pearl is?
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    Monster Hunter Tri On-line Id codes

    EU/UK codes Looking for European mh3 players im currently rank 11. codes in my sig.
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    How Many Hours???

    At the moment id say 10-15 hours but i use it more for internet. Im playing MHTri at the moment but its frustrating finding games without passwords,samish rank.
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    How Old Are All The Wii Owners in Here

    i had 2600 as well but it was C64 games like Hawkeye,cybernator,hunters moon,last ninja 1,2,3,Robocop,Renegade,the list goes on. pong was left to be desired. dont wish it next thing youll know your'll be dying your hair,and slapping anti aging creams and a tummy yuck.;) I know cause she dont...
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    What would you like in update 4.3?

    Im not sure we will get one now for wii,because nintendo are thinking about charging for online services.
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    Retailer GAME-Sweden now preorder 3DS.
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    3DS rival-the PSP2 2010 E3 surprise. Who will steal E3?
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    Lack of wii 2 hurting Nintendo claim Prachter..

    Practhers latest claim is nintendo at E3 wont have anything intresting to show besides 3DS. But hes most excited about natal and buying 360 slim.