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  • wat up i added ur brawl fc if u wanna play anytime pm me my brawl fc is 2922 4764 6813
    Note to all who message me.
    I have a ps3.
    I only play Rock Band 2 for wii now.
    My PSN ID is spakkmannn...add me if you have one.
    hey I add you add me plz my frien codes are

    WII CONSOLE: 5730 4886 2381 0178

    GH METALLICA: 0517-33(8,or,6)1-4040 preferly expert in guitar,bass and drums

    SSBB: 4726-4061-1771

    GH WORLD TOUR: 4125-1105-1727 preferly expert in guitar,bass and drums
    I deleted my Conduit file by accident, my NEW friend code is 1677-1554-4259 my name online is ivan909, what's your friend code?
    I have the Wii speak and the Conduit so add ME

    my Friend Code is: 2321-3911-4636 my names ivan909 online
    Hey spakkmannn wat up thanks for adding me to your friends list. Hope to chat with you soon.
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