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    Transformers 2 Review... and a possible return to WiiChat

    Hello again WiiChat. Its been a while. What initially attracted me to this forum was the anticipation of SSBB releasing... once the game flopped, I dipped my toe in the waters of The Lounge and whatnot, but then retired from most forums completely. But one of my long time passions have always...
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    Character Ranks (Strat. Guide)

    this isn't overly helpful for strategy... and believe that CF has too high of a rating and Kirby/Metaknight too low. but over all its cool to read. nice post
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    Brawl AI

    you cant expect the AI to interpret your own stages well. Too many variables for a poor little standard Yoshi's mind to handle lol for their level 9's though on normal stages, I think they're a little smarter and a tad less annoying than melee ones... as melee ones did a whole lot of rapid...
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    Home run world record

    thought I'd post this for you guys to see. enjoy, the timing is incredible.
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    How is the level editor?

    ^ i think they assumed you would have friends that come over and play. thats how i play 90% of my games
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    Sonic in Brawl

    ...nope... high power, high priority, good recovery, good range with rising pound, great ledge guard, super fast smash attacks = good character. her only drawbacks that hold her from top tier are her nerfed rest, her weight, and lack of a good tech chase. please refrain from posting comments...
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    Game & Watch

    This thread if need be, will be turned into a Game and Watch strategy guide including advanced techs, ledge guarding techniques, combo. leave a post if you want me to make it
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    How is the level editor?

    ^ ya it feels like a bonus feature. .. but i guess it should... since it is one lol
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    Is Sonic weak?...

    ^ ya without question his most useful move... but only having one reliable ko move greatly hinders your ability to strategise i find
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    MLG Pro Singles an Doubles

    nice man! you should bring your skills to a tourney so you can win stuff lol
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    How is the level editor?

    side note: the level editor is fairly basic so dont expect any miracle works of art. you'll spend 80% of your time on the brawl levels.
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    Diddy Kong

    mmm. i'll give it some testing time this weekend. it MIGHT be because he has an egg for a shield so his reacts differently. if oyu didn't know as a shield gets weaker it gets smaller and exposes parts of your character allowing some moves to penetrate. Yoshi's doesnt get smaller so this cannot...
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    Noob Spam Counter

    ^ you killed a falco with his own laser?... he must have sucked a lot lol
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    Diddy Kong

    ^glide toss can be done with any character item. most useful for peach, link, toon link
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    Noob Spam Counter

    thats assuming that their shooting you from close enough that you can hit them after your dodge before they get another shot out. thats a very situational strategy