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  • Oh, oh, crap... My bad... I never really meant anything... Just asking a question for the hell of it...

    I meant that it's horrible that pretty much everyone abandoned the White Noise area.
    Not too excited, at least. I have a bout of laziness coming on now that school is almost over and I've stopped getting homework. /alsoendoftheyeardancetodayin30minutes

    I'm just going to lurk until I find something interesting I can comment on. Same as always.
    Do you know where I can watch Pokemon Direct? Is it in the same place as Nintendo Direct?
    All right, I'll make sure that an accident befalls them in a matter of days... a lethal accident.
    Pfft, nobel prize... I'm an assassin in the making, looking at my areas of expertise, and how far I've progressed in them. But no one cares about me, and I'm sick of talking about myself, isn't it funny how every topic relates to me? Honestly it's almost like no one has anything better talk about... oh wait, it's just me talking about me... Hmm, how do you think I'd get along with Nick?
    A valid point, so would you prefer that I rant? Overly dramatic angry gamers are a new problem to the world. Fine, I shall be come an orator instead. Good'nuff?
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