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  • You try to replace the BRSTMs and see if that helps

    I will let Halberd stay but not Lylat
    PKS2 is my favorite right now

    Now that I think about it
    They could fix Pictochat and make appearing and disappearing platforms and such
    Sound glitch on PKS2?
    Never heard a such a thing

    Dracula's is just too big and the platforms don't help at all.

    HALabsBERD is dumb because there's better stages to choose from
    Distant Planet is ok but I kinda am not liking it anymore

    That last 4 I hate
    Oh we also need to re-adjust acceptable stages

    Stages we must have on:
    Stadium 2

    Stages that I propose we must have on:
    Wario Ware
    Yoshi's Island
    Yoshi's Story

    Stages that are ok to have on (but I will probably have them off):
    Fountain of Dreams
    Green Hill Zone
    Dracula's Castle (maybe)
    Distant Planet
    Stadium 1

    I ban:
    Port Town Aero Dive (but I will allow you to choose this once at the beginning)
    Lylat Cruise

    All other non-tourney stages are banned

    Now you ban 3 or suggest other stages
    Exactly, btw we still need to play SSBB before Nintendo's servers go to ****, I got a 3DS XL and Pokemon Y as well for our pokeymanz battles.
    Yeah I finally figured out how it works and I thought: Why not use it to its full potential? :p
    That smash 4 thread had a lot of posts and a lot of words in the last three weeks

    Full of speculations and implications
    Yeah 'bout the Squirtle
    We had a huge discussion on that in the Smash 4 thread

    Sneak peak
    Charizard -> Lucario
    Lucario -> Greninja
    Greninja -> Charizard

    What if I told you
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