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  • That's what everyone keeps telling me, xD
    I've been out of the brawl scene for some time, D:

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of the Mods on there, once I get Riivolution loaded to mah Wii, game on! :D
    xD, we haven't brawl+'ed in awhile.
    Maybe you should get brawl- and try it out with me, xD

    I heard it was pretty fun, I'm going to download it sometime next week.
    I've been pretty well. Summer is here, playing water guns with my buds.;) It's all good.=D Nothin' much exciting though.= l Still.....
    Yeah, I know. I think my mom knows where it is. I'll ask her, but if not, it looks like I'm off to Wal-Mart =P
    :) Things have been up and down lately, xD Getting grounded because of grades, etc. But, seeing that my summer is pretty much neutral, I'm going to be on here from time to time. x3
    Not even one of those that attach to a Four wheeler?

    Like, being a more active, and able to be on during the week, etc.
    Yes, Google is good source for finding or searching for things.;)

    Me liek bacon? Why, sir, I adore bacon.=)
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