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  • Yes i said that and ill stick to it. I saw your replays in the 1 vs 1 brawl league. Geese..you fight like my grandmother. Oh and seaking sucks hairy donkey ball. Its all about olimar!
    Damn post limit.

    Well its true. If im bored of a game i just stop caring for it. I come back to it like a month and then give up on it again later on. I was never cocky, i know i suck at brawl. I really dont care, i said i lost interest. But, we will brawl sometime again. You count on that.

    Ha, beat me in tekken. I highly doubt that one. Especially since thats the only game i play at the moment.

    How does your gaming area look like? Big? small? confortable?

    I actually know my way around chess. Thats how i usually get out of boredom. I sit down play some board games which including chess and kick ass.

    I gtg sadly. My eyes are burning and my mustles are sore...

    Also look at this epic sig i made you..
    Man dora over here is like george lopez. You know im only kidding right about this dora shite?

    Thats a bit sad if you have a job and still i have more money but, well i work with my parents on the weekends. They own a resrurant and i help serve the table,cook some dished i know, and do some heavy lifting. Dont get paid much, i do it for my family.

    Never said it was hard, i said i didnt feel like doing it. PS3 rules. Get a PS3 and we can talk on it, also i can just whoop your ass in it.:lol:. J/K. You´ll be a worthy oppenent.

    I knew that, just pulling your leg. Well what you gave me there in the definition sounds like a hobby. Well fine, i have been at some tourneys and i have seen pretty G people at there. But dont get me wrong there are some that just.....lets say there a little to obbsessed with the video game life.
    My computer just shut down for no reason and now i have to retype what i did.

    I dont feel like hacking, besides PS3 you can listen to any music you want while playing a game online or offline. TAKE THAT WII!

    You can have a career off pokemon?Nerd paradise.:lol:I get it your good, but still believe i could beat you if i actually wanted to be good at pokemon. Brawl i could be good at but its a game that i find boring now..*yawn*
    Play me in tekken(if you had it) thats where i train and actually want to be good at.
    I fight MMA. Ranked best in my class, but i want to be ranked best in the division.
    Dont hate on dora. teaches you spanish. Over here we make fun of pokemon. Thats for like little 9 year olds to tell the truth. POKE BALL GO! it has FAG written all over it.

    I see you shortened your post a lot this time. Too bad....

    He is made of pure awesomeness. Its embarrasing on how a fish this epic become this huge dragon thing.(garados or something like that).

    Well im doing pretty good thank you! And i am builing up a fortune slowly but im getting the job done. Hows your savings going?
    It wasnt a joke,CK.:p

    Well thats good, but you do say **** YEAH quite a lot.

    Blah,blah,blah. Im good how i am. I dont want some bank to jack it up. Sure it gives you money but i dont trust banks.

    Pokemon is for little kids, younger than me. Its not even a manly game. I bet 99% of those people are nerds. I hope your not one of them.D:. You do seem to know a little bit to much for a human. I sound like an alien.

    Ugh, brawl is just straight up gay now. Grown tired of it, i hate the damn music!Da-da-da-da-doo-da-didi. UGH!PRESS MUTE BOTTON!!!!!

    I bet you would win my little pokenerd. If i was as in as you are id be a lot better than you, trust me.
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