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  • Simply put, it makes money. With all the advertising around, he has to make money off of it.

    And while I certainly can't judge i0n, when it comes to Wiichat, some people do think of him as lazy. Lazy might not be the right word, though... maybe just plain innactive. But hey, that's what moderators are for.
    Why doesn't he just make wiichat? I know like 7 juniors who can, and it's totally free, or is he just lazy, and like you said, just using it as a money maker side thing?
    No, it wasn't you, it was everyone. i0n purchased the domain "wiichat" from GoDaddy.com, and the experation date hit yesterday... or, was it the day before? I don't remember. >.>;

    He must of repurchased Wiichat though, so everything's back to normal. Wiichat is nothing but profit for i0n, so it's obvious he wouldn't let it die off.
    Hey, was it just mine or did you try to come here yesterday and it sent you to GoDaddy.com?
    hey when i'm done trading/training my salamence wanna face me?

    Sorry, I can't now. Maybe in like an hour though, I've got some official brawls to handle.

    Sending you a PM, Rico.
    Ya sure, I was about to get on Brawl anyways for an FFA. If you don't mind having an FFA, that is.
    Lol, sorry Fabio. Whenever I'm online the other players are always brawling eachother, and the player hosting isn't on my FC list, so I can never join. =/ I have to resort to Basic Brawl then.
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