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  • Ck, did you ever add me? T-T I keep seeing you online, but you're always playing Basic Brawl. So yeah....
    :lol: Ya, GGs. Most people who're just slightly below me in skill level lose that badly, more often than not. It's because I'm an all-out aggro player, lol.

    Just 12? :p
    hi I got my internet to connect to it!

    and I was wondering If I could play you?

    my friend code is 0087-8644-6428

    Also im trying to watch other people and im getting this 10201 error code o_O
    Just like mine did when I tried to log on, lol. Modems can be so... terrible, sometimes. Anyways, I'll go log back on then. Seeya online.
    I like my blaster though. By the way, will you send me the message and not yourself?? I have a hard time keeping up with it.

    I thought my Wolf got worse, but did it? I think my best in order is
    Falco, Wolf, Lucas, Fox.
    You've actually gotten better dude, but then again... so have I. :p GGs. Your Wolf needs more Nuetral B, and your Falco needs less Nuetral B, though. So does your Fox, mainly because it leaves you open.
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