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  • How would I not know who you are? o.o??? ..Yes, I feel it doesn't look right as well. 10 posts.. What a sad day for us all, especially those with even greater post counts than I(like aforementioned Prinny).
    Didn't Prinny have like.. 700+ threads too? That'l really cut down on his thread count probably.

    Nothing as important as Moranos or the AP, just post counts and rep, everything else is easily reobtained(contacts, certain threads, etc.). To be honest, I didn't really loose too much. I saved all my guides for my Official Guide thread(W00T!), and I only had another important thread... Which I forgot what it was. xD[/stupidity]
    Indeed imagine dark prinny he had like 20,000 posts X_X

    The threads lost are the worst part :sad: R.I.P Brawl training league :lol:
    Hey, there...

    The Alternate Plot and Moranos...


    What tragic events struck you with this unfortunate update?
    I know! 3000 posts, average 500 per month, destroyed! DX Even if I stopped getting rep for awhile, I still had a lot too. All of it gone.. it's even worse for a lot of other people besides us too. Atleast we have the memories, it is reobtainable after all. The permanently gone threads is what's worst! :( The Brawl Training League, for example..
    Oh wow.. So this is the second one.. Yikes. I've got something to talk about to new members now though.. :lol: This reminds me of something else just like this.

    You put it in the regular Brawl section, yep. I remember it clearly.
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