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  • When the **** did you grab a Missing No. avatar? :lol:

    Bro, where you been? Wiichat's gettin' quiet. >_>
    I mean yea i play it too much, but i just leave it on all the time. I could be in new york and itll still say blakplpnrainbows is online playing dcuo

    for real.. good thing i didnt buy itt.
    Dude the game is just too fun... i have to pay a month but i havent paid since the game has a freezing prob so i have free month riight now. '

    I was going to get infamous2 but man....im just so on dcuo
    No, I hate it... ugh. Just the looks of it, though. The template is fine, I'm used to getting around already (although, quoting is ****ing weird now... can't figure it out too well).
    Guys.... this guy is makemebad35 on youtube. He famous as hell. But hes ugly. Looks like butt cheeks.

    lmao WHATS GOOD CLORD...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Didn't it go free a week ago or somethin'?

    If it did, it's a miracle I realized ANYTHING relevant before anyone else. xD I'm behind the times these days, harr.
    I've seen all the glitch videos of red dead, bro. That game was my sustenance for a few months, lol.

    So long as you don't group the original into that, agreed. 2 and 3 were some of the greatest games I've played.
    Seen the Donkey woman ages ago, lol. I've still not seen any model glitches like that in my game, but I sure as hell've seen every other glitch. =/ The ones that **** ya up. Like your horse suddenly dieing with nothing around to kill it, throwing me off a cliff to my laughably hilarious but all-the-same annoying death... -.-;

    Buying a PS3/PS4 for Sly Cooper eventually. No ****in' way I'm missin' that game, lol.
    Hey, Portal 2's ****ing awesome, I'll give ya that much. I still havn't played it (no plans; brain busters, even if I'm good at 'em, bore me. Like math.), but I can't deny all the reviews and such.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiZKD4r8AuY&feature=channel_video_title :D

    ****, if I could get a PS3, I'd get one. Better than my garbage 360 by a long shot, man... =/ I could actually play games online. Who woulda thought it's possible in this non-wireless day and age! ... This ****ing computer, dude... -_-
    ... I will destroy you! Dx

    So he came out of the closet, eh? I don't blame 'em for hiding his fetish of manly superherous in tights.
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