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  • It looks like this playstation move will so wipe out the wii, sony and microsoft are doing what nintendo was afraid todo, stupid idiots, but my plans is to buy a ps3 with playstation move but will keep wii, for update ppl on VC and wiiware updates (I hear "wiiware" is only a label, ps3 has some of "this wiiware games too which they call "online games" thats why in my post i write Nintendo is setting up to crash & burn" http://www.wiichat.com/showthread.php?p=1108777#post1108777.
    but i got alittle heat by some jackass noobie i think.
    I also heard if Big N gets rid of Zelda bye bye nintendo, then sony is gonna take over Zelda i hear if nintendo gets rid of then (Zelda & Link) I also hear if that happens ninten od will only work on handheld systems.
    yeah dude, PlayStation move should wipe out the wii, nintendo is making idiotic mistakes i think PS move should be out this year sometime. Playstation move link
    also Natal by Microsoft for 360
    Yup, got a name change. xD I WANT MY IP UNBANNED SO BAD RIGHT NOW! Remeber when Monk came around Nov. and got my IP banned? Well, they HAVE NEVER UNBANNED IT, and I'm still using this lame proxy! x_x I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATEEEEE it!
    likewhise bro, i've seen the playstation Move controler today, looks so awesome way better then wii controler to tell the truth.
    Hey.:D Sorry it took me a long time to reply.... I'm beginning to feel that I'm bored of WiiChat....
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