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  • Best game I've ever played, bro. It's a 40 hour game if you're a pro at it, and I've already beaten it 6 times now. In one year. xD What game could you possibly think is better?

    Did I miss DG's homosexuality in my absence, or am I just stupid? .-.
    If you want something with replay value, you can't get any better than Red Dead. I never get sick of that ****.

    ... DG has a fetish for men in black tights? =/ Who would of thought, damn.
    Good on ya, bro. SotC isn't a game that'l disappoint, even if it is half a decade old. Replayed it for... probably the 5th time myself, recently.

    Even worse. I know what MMORPG addiction can do to a person... =/ Why's he so obsessed with it?
    Ah, so you've played it, eh? Yeah, two of the Colossi are named Dirge and Phalanx (ya googling cheater xD), but nah. They're actual words, not names ya know.

    ... DG? Seriously? WHAT THE ****?!
    My name'd be Dirge Phalanx; take a guess at what it means. You'll never get it.

    What, he finally ate it cocky brawl smack-talk words? =P Or is this serious ****.
    Prinny would of been an admin long ago, if he wanted the position, lol.

    But yeah, we definatly need a new admin. People've been waitin' for new names for years, among other ****. How 'bout you? xD
    Apocolypse 2.0. D=

    Yeah, noone's 'round anymore. Storm, Nick, J, and me, really. Add in you, and that's just 5 oldies. =/ Terrible, ain't it?
    Life's been busy, man... Can't say I wanted to leave for the past 6 months. =/ Been missin' everyone, y'know?

    But now things're coolin' down, so life's back to boring, bland, and quiet. Just the way I like it.

    So, same **** different day, lol.
    Back for good. ... SRSLY!

    It wasn't very suprising, was it... .-. Bullshit: one of the few talents I was born with.
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