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  • ha ha yeah i know you did but the way you used him was a lot better then jiggly. trust me i think you can achieve much more once you find your character.
    the League was technically made by Godwind before the crash. he asked me to make an Official version for him, but then decided that things weren't ready yet so he asked me to delete it. since it is technically his League i did
    yeah they removed it because god wind thought it wasn't ready. sucks but gives us more time to practice for the big guy's like ck.
    anyways yeah i get ya but i thought you had much more potential in fox.
    i like the way you used him and you utillized his speed quite well.
    i'd say look for another character. personally like i said i 'd go with fox.
    its nice to meet someone understanding.
    please don't spam so much though with the roll, all your kills were from that move.
    how's tomorrow at 6 for you,4 for me.
    hey i would like a rematch soon.
    when ever you can.
    i'm not trying to be mean but you spammed jiggly's move like crazy, and having massive button lag doesn't make it any easier.
    you still won so i submitted it already.
    i made the room.
    lets have our match now cause i have stuff to do after.
    good luck man,
    we have a two hour difference.

    hmm not sure what time is best how about 7 here 9 for you?
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