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  • You still haven't added me on XBox Live bro. I sent you a request like forever ago haha. Anyways, how have you been Tyler?
    Fitter. Fun stuff. I'm so glad Cross Country is over. If it was all year I swear I'd die!

    And everything you said except the school work. I don't understand why our school is suppose to be one of the best in our state, we never get homework, except one class your sophomore year.

    Emotional Stress just sucks. Plain and simple.
    One question, if you dont like SSBB then why dont you change your name?
    Better. Just sleepy now haha. Holy crap, iTunes has old school cartoons. Like Doug and other stuff that was on when I was a kid. They also have the SIMS soundtrack XD
    Ha yeah hopefully I'll actually be able to sleep tonight. Thanks again bud, and goodnight!
    Also, I just sent you a friend request on XBox Live via so while I dunno when I'm gonna be on next, if you'd like to accept that would be cool =P
    Thanks man. Would be better if it weren't stomach flu. -_-

    And I'm sorry to hear that...hopefully my reports have been helping?
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