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  • Definitely been better. At the moment I'm not sick or anything, but I'm recovering which is hard to do when you have an 8 hour shift >_< I'm sore everywhere =[
    :lol: Wiichat's becoming somewhat active again. (I dunno how active it really was in the past, but I have no doubts that it was.) :lol:
    Nice to see another mod become active again. :) And thank gawd that all the spammers are gone for the while, probably school kept 'em off, :lol:
    It does mean something thanks buddy. And I apologize for putting such thoughts into your head, that was not my intention. At any rate, I certainly understand the need for sleep so goodnight my friend. Feel free to give me a shout whenever even if I'm not online. Heck, especially then! It'd be cool to come home from work and have a message from an old friend haha. Night man.
    Hey you know what Kohl's is? Nice. I have never heard of Hobby Town USA...but we do have a site you can check out: I've never been to the site myself lol

    And yeah, that was my point. It was bad enough having to lose the love of my girlfriend after a year of helping her through hard times (such as a pregnancy scare and amnesia, which included her forgetting who I was) without her cheating on me =[
    Yeah that would make sense. Yay angst! ;P Last time I had depression was a couple months ago actually when my girlfriend of one year started cheating on me. Not fun XP

    I work in retail, one job is called Ridemakerz where we build remote control cars (or model cars if you don't wanna pay the 25 bucks for the remote option) and the other one is Kohl's, a department store of sorts that started as a clothing store.
    Depression knows no sense. I've suffered from it several times so don't feel like a jerk. The reason for depression rarely makes sense, it just happens. And yeah it's a HUGE load of stress. It's kind of going alright except for my sleep schedule and sanity though hahaha.
    Haha I know how that goes. As for me, I have not had ENOUGH free time hahaha. That's what I get for having college and two jobs though right? =P
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