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  • Are you kidding me? Stop making excuses.

    You have an All is Brawl, correct? There are tons of tourneys on that site.
    Stop bragging. You know I'm better than you and always have been, and always will be.
    There is no point in bragging about your skills and thinking you can beat me. Saying that you will win doesn't mean you actually will.

    Go enter a tourney and lose, alright? I have no time for this.
    I've beaten you every single time you've said that, without fail.
    Do you think I am getting worse while you're getting better? No.
    I am also getting way better, in fact I have now beaten people that can take you without losing 1 stock.

    I'm only playing Project M now, because vBrawl is old. I won't get to beat you up this time, but it seems like I should. :/

    You were just recently a Falco main. And I'm not even sure if you really "main" Falco at all.
    Your signature needs a bit of work.

    Bluffing won't make people add you. I've beaten you more times than I can count.
    Then they aren't really your mains... just a load of secondaries that you can play. Your main is the character you have stuck by through thick and thin, always using them as your first and last line of defence. Your secondaries are the characters that you use in a situation in which your main is out matched in everyway. they are situational and in general are less used, and you will most likely not master them. I've been a link main since 64, claiming that every other week you change characters and then they're your "main" is incorrect. They're just a passing fad, that is all.
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