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    alright i need to get back into wii hahah

    alright i need to get back into wii hahah
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    havn't been on in so long hah sorry bout that

    havn't been on in so long hah sorry bout that
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    NA releases 3/31/2008

    never played cruisin is it that fun?
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    going to get a new ds game tonight needs suggestions

    sorry games i already have, new super smash bros, mario hoops 3vs3, mario kart, animal crossing, starfox, and brain that castelvina game good?
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    $330 a good deal?

    i got that about one month after release date for that cost so no...
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    Great wii deal

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    Sensor bar problem

    that is a good idea hah
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    Pokemon Snap 2!!!

    that is an awesome photoshop hah almost looks real
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    Multiplayer game for drinking

    wario smooth moves you'll have tons of laughs
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    omfg Jigglypuff!!!

    toon link for sure
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    Next Sonic game to be called Sonic Unleashed?

    wierd name? but i love sonic games so if thats the name i support it hah
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    games for young children

    i am not a parent but i've started playing games with my brother when i was very young, one of my favorite games as a child would be mario party so i would recommend that game for your son cuz your whole family can get involved
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    Sick of people criticizing mario kart wii......

    who said graphics suck? whoever did is not smart the graphics look pretty good to me
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    Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360?

    i loved my 360 still do a little thought bout selling it but im keeping it just for gears of war 2. but the wii i like more cuz of there games are fun, such as SSBB, mario kart wii will be awesome, and animal crossing will be an awesome game! so i would start with the wii