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    Wii U Game Wish List!

    I wouldn't mind some boardgames or something on the eshop. Just old fashion like boardgames that can be played in AC3 and 4. Or just chess and checkers.
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    Beginners guide to WiiU and FAQ (WIP)

    Yeah! I finally have my Wii U! And it's AWESOMUA!!! Xbox one down! Station 4 GO! Wii U, Wii U! Sorry that joke had to get out..... :idea:
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    Nintendo network ids

    Add'e me'e, Stonedoll. :papermario:
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    Wii U vs Xbox One impressions

    Really, guys? Do we have to sink this low? I mean I don't like Xbox not at all, but really this is just getting over and over again.
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    Beginners guide to WiiU and FAQ (WIP)

    I'm gonna go to a game event, were the Wii U will be playable a bit closer to home then E3 :tongue:. And I'm really considering about getting back on the road of old Nintendo again. But I'm still just not sure, I mean it would be a bit hard to convince my mother.....
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    Beginners guide to WiiU and FAQ (WIP)

    Oooookay, guess I'm wrong then. Hé, all mighty Magikarp fishing-master, or something. Do you have a Wii U? (stupid guestion, I know) Still I would like some advice.....
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    Beginners guide to WiiU and FAQ (WIP)

    Well, I actually talking about space, I meant that; people who don't game a lot, don't need to pay more for space that they (probably) won't use. I thought calling them 8GB and 32GB version wasn't that confusing..... if it is I mean.
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    Beginners guide to WiiU and FAQ (WIP)

    Actually I've one comment on one answer. What Wii U version you should get depends on the amount of time you play a game. For casual gamers, who play two games a few times a month, are recommended to buy an 8GB version. If you play more, like atleast three times a week, you should go for the...
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    Super Smash Bros. 4

    Nintendo isn't the only one, who decides if a character gets in the game. Also the developer have that choice. I guess we could expect some characters from Xenoblade....
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    WiiU E3 Best buy promotion locations!

    I wish I could just buy a Wii U without trouble, but I guess my mother is to realistic for that..... Having two consoles is not that big of an option... T-T
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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because I'm back on the forum ones again! Mwuhahahaha
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    My favorite food? Mostly home-made food made by myself.
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    rate the Avatar above u

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    The Magical Soda Machine Game

    Gets burnt out van with 4 slaughtered men. Inserts Wii.
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    Me too? But.. but I created it...:yikes: