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  • Hey Suny! Since I haven't posted a comment on your page I stopped by to pop the cherry between it & me :p
    Please ignore that guy named Sremick :nonod:
    He goes around adverticing Ninstation and he has gotten on my last nerve :mad2: He tends to post on new and older members profile's and he doesn't know when to quit. Just tell him to F*** Off :yesnod:
    Hey there, Suner. Wanted for formally invite you to Ninstation. I'm sure you've noticed that not many people come to WiiChat since the admin abandoned it in Feb and most the mods left since then. A lot of former WiiChat members moved over to Ninstation. You should check it out sometime:
    no ive been on wiichat since 2006. i think i joined wiispace around 2007.. idk. i think i got perma banned in there though. it was back when they had the chatbox on the bottom of the site
    yyeaaahhhh. you used to post at that other wii forum right? the one with halojames? i got banned from there or something idk. i think you blocked me on msn also lmao. this was a long time ago though so...
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