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  • CK what bad player u were....i tried to be friends...u were a fayul in ssbb

    What were your intentions of posting this?
    *Hi superbad, if i may have your FC for the tourney it would be a big help. Thanks superbad
    o n_n the FFA2 is hosted Feb 28th, its like a week long usually LoL, not an 1 day event. LoL wheres TA staff, they shuld be mor of a help XP hehe
    =D hi'eeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wu saw u @ TA n_n welcome hehe. wu:0989-1376-5425
    *hey thats good your friends with envek!, i saw your post & yes, welcome may call you sb81?
    SB81. BoZ doesn't know who yyy4yyy is. He wasn't around for him.

    Ignore him. He's just gonna keep doing it.
    dude u r such a fail in life stop talking to me i dont know u and let me guess CK told all u this that i am yyy no i am not so just dont belive him
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