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    Official Photo Album

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    Leave your PSN ID

    Looks like the PS3 section doesn't see much action, but meh.. PSN - CptTurtles
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    Official Photo Album

    This place needs some bumping!!
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    Nothiiiiiing! Haven't even seen the mister this year! Sundays such a crappy day for Valentines day. We went out for a meal Friday, so I guess that can count.
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    What is your honest opinion of Love?

    I feel it in ma fingers, I feeel it in maa tooes. Course love exists =)
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    Let's give this a little bump then shall we
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    New Rock Band 2010!

    *Facepalm* Too many spin offs.
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    Ahh the memories of this place

    Yoyo, welcome back
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    mystery google

    I had one with an e-mail address saying this persons the coolest person in the world, so I e-mailed them and we had a nice chat =)
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    If you know anything about successful egg drops

    Is this a yank thing? Because I'm reading it and I'm like WTF.
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    Funny place names

    There's a place near Bridgend called Mould. That's all I can think of really. Oh when I went to Germany few years back there were loads of places with like cock or wank in the names. I did take a few pictures of some, but I've lost all those photos now. I think there was a chain of banks...
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    NO!! My sanctuary has been VIOLATED!!!!!! I feel RAPED!!!!

    Welcome to the world of real gaming. ;)
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    Official Photo Album

    I.E the massive knob that should be on his shoulders =)
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    Official Photo Album

    Heheh, thaanks =) She's only 8 weeks old. Our friend told us we should take our dogs for a walk to our local park sometime, but she's got this big huge lab! My cat is like a giant compared to her ahah.
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    Official Photo Album

    Third times a charm =) One of the coolest days ever, Wales v New Zealand (also got to watch Swansea BEAT Cardiff =D!) Ahhhhh new puppy!