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  • Glad you found it! That would've been the last place I had looked up for it in lol
    Yes add-me:

    SSBB: 0647-3611-4602
    MKWii: 3353-7439-9163
    Tatsunoko vs Capcom: 2710-3733-8543
    Goldeneye Wii: 5074-4879-0094

    Send-me your MK friend-code, i will add you tomorrow(in other games too, if you want)
    Thank you! It was indeed cool. I like my new mii now. I was just messing around when making them, haha.
    Are you up for some races? I've been playing MK a lot in the last few days but none of my friends haven't shown :/
    Hey, you've a Clan! :0

    I've a Clan too. Is it possible you can 2v2 or 3v3 anytime soon?
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