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  • Oops, I'm sorry! X_X
    I meant to tell you that the site got taken down about three or four weeks ago. T_T

    It was taken down due to some copyrighted material, which blows. Dx

    However, I did find Wuwi on another site sometime ago, and talked to him some.
    He's on allisbrawl.com these days, which figures, since it's an all-about brawl site. xD
    Here's the link to my site: www.bozzy-club.webs.com I am working on a section for fellow TA members can reunite with each other. of course, it's not the same as the site, ): but at least you guys can have somewhere to meet up again. I dont think you would have to register since you guys already joined webs the first time through TA, but i would love to have you and TA members there, I'm trying to keep it as much TA as possible :)
    Ouch, x( I miss TA *cries* Im actually making a site on Webs that is going to be an all-round site, if you and wuwi want, I could add a personal section for former TA members to reconnect :3
    wu rooting for all finalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D woohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
    hi staff im sorry if i missed the tourney i was at houston with some family but now im back im very sorry
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