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  • Hi i am letting you know and your clan and buddies that i am from a gaming site called www.finestladders.com we have some great clans for the wii on here and invite you to come check it out we be thrilled to have you
    sorry but i dont have mario kart wii but one of my freinds have it on wii chat his name is mario16 if u want his freind code go to his profile and just check my frends list and he is on there okay and do u have call of duty modern warfare reflex edition if u do give me your freind code
    i WAS BUSY GETTING TO LEVEL 43 and im there now today i may be on but not long because i have reason but il join ur matches now like tonight or something and are u in ELITE REAPERS you never answered that
    I did exempt them hence why i wasn't going to them Exempt me free/not doing/done and if u stoped sending me so many invited i may have joined
    STOP SENDING ME SO MANY INVITES if im not answering there is usually a reason and um ur in the clan ELITE REAPERS?
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