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    Can I trade in a game without a french manual?

    I was just wondering if I can trade games in at futureshop with only a english manual. Thank you for your answer.
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    Gun Ban Proposal

    As much as I like this idea, USA will never be able to ban guns before Canada does. We can only hope for the day that guns are not needed. For all of you who talk about the 2nd amendment, it is time for a change, stop listening to everything from centuries ago.
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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

    Start one then. I'll think of something by tomorrow.:yesnod:
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    Best wii gaME

    Well its your opinion. But a lot of people will tell you that it could have been much better. The only thing I liked about the adventure mode was the cut scenes. I felt like I was playing the simpsons game where I was just playing to get to the next scene.
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    Wii success may lead to cheaper next-gen

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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

    Thats a good one. Personally since I feel that people have the right to feel they way they do so I'm all for it.:yesnod:
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    Lego Batman. Now this game looks Bad A$$ !!! What Do you think?

    Im not a huge fan of lego games, but they do turn out to be good. I'd say its worth a rent.
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    the ~Ask Anyone Anything~ thread

    Do you people think guns should be banned? Controversial topic:yikes:.
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    Best wii gaME

    On my last post I said that I couldnt choose between SMG and Brawl. I have played a lot of brawl and can now tell that SMG is better IMO. SMG is easy, but that doesnt make a game less fun. Brawl wasnt that hard either. The adventure mode in brawl wasnt that good and the only real reason anyone...
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    what to buy in Wii Shop??

    You can live without it. The only reason I have it because it used to be free. Any of the N64 games is what you should buy.
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    what to buy in Wii Shop??

    You can chat on forums. The internet channel has flash player so you can watch streaming videos.
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    what to buy in Wii Shop??

    You're joking right? Well any way, I recommend Starfox64 or mario64.
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    Why is there no ..

    Theres not enough people to talk about it here. Also it seems this site only has sub sections for nintendo games.
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    How are we liking No More Heroes?

    Its a good game. Best part was the final boss battle.
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    AHHH HELP (No More Heroes)

    Thats a pretty big messup. The real ending is much better. Just go through it again, you will have all your weapons and upgrades. Also all your money, it shouldnt take very long to go through it a second time.