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  • hey, have you heard the good news? DBZ Abridged has returned! episodes 11 & 12 are on youtube.

    episode 11 dialogue clip:
    in front of kami's ship
    Popo: Popo. (ship opens) Popo. (ship closes) Popo. (ship flies to jupiter)
    Bulma: Wow! Your name controls the ship!
    Popo: What? No, it just knows better, *****.
    perfectly fine. i got and beat Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days fo the DS
    i've been breeding and ev-training my new sandstorm team.
    and i've pre-ordered Soulsilver and got the event Jirachi
    yeah, wrong. i coppied it down exactly and put it in exactly, and it said the code is wrong. are you sure that you typed it up correctly? did mine work fine?
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