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  • I know... Still... you cant deny that he was great when he did post. But alas... If time is of the essence, yes... He did fall in that category...

    Anyways, how have things been goin with you bro? King of Pop and I started a pkmn clan called Team RK9... lol
    he's not active enough and i said in the SU thread, if you can't be active enough then assign bunnying rights. Inu did, Demon did, but lbu didn't so it's his own fault.
    Ok. Sounds good to me... That might actually work in our favor. Still... He was a great RPer... I hope it doesnt have to come to that but... idk..
    you know he hasn't been on since a day after his last RP post? if he isn't back on by the time we try to resurect R2 then i'm going to give Giga bunnying rights and then do just as you said, have caedus kill him. but during the city raid we were already planning. that way we don't completely change what we were going to do.
    exactly... Ugh... Idk... If lbu8 cant be on, maybe we should simply have Oric assassinated by Caedus as a trial or something?
    like a third, and Caedus killing Sela and hurting Siana and then that epic ending twist which shall not be named
    yea... I think we should try it then... We cant just let it die bro... We had so many plans for it.
    it was regoddamndiculous. I say we wait a few months till the summer and pick it up again... Either from where we stopped, or anew. We cant just let it die, its your baby (ours lol whatever works)
    alright. that's fair.

    i hate how realms died. sadly, it can all be blamed on one person too. lbu8. he needed to be more active but he wasn't and he didn't assign bunnying rights either so we were forced to wait and it just died. sucks too.
    thnx for lettin me know... but I think ill sit this one out. Im getting tired of RPOs lately... Everbody keeps killing them...
    ditto. oh guess what, a guy is starting an RP on the KH site and they need an evil sith lord to start. i'm not interested in the rp but i thought you might like to know about it.
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