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  • Quite literally nothin', truth be told. Same old routine as per usual, though my sleep pattern seems t' be just a tad more stable than usual... which means I'm doin' good myself, I s'pose. :lol:

    How's that Scramble treatin' ya, if you started it?
    ... Jealousy is an understatement. :lol:

    Always thought commission-based jobs were generally rubbish. That one sure ain't lol.
    ... How much? :shifty:

    Ain't too familiar with how internet provider businesses work. What position?
    Aye, a Merry Fishwas t' you as well bro. =) Peace be upon you 'n your dearly beloveds, here's to another year of grander possibilities, yatta yattagarasu blah blah all that jazz.
    Ahh, right. Happy holdiays 'n such.

    Say "lol" again... Say "lol" again I dare you, I double-dare you mother****er! SAY "LOL" ONE MORE GOD DAMN TIME!
    Well ya know, gotta make my patented once a month pointless cameo on here. Lol jk. I'm doin pretty good, Hbu bro? Happy holidays btw. Did u check out my Magikarp Moveset yet?
    ohai storm. Ya will add Magikrap on the Wii U, or be splashed. Ya've been warned.

    Also, help this dude out and give 'em two Pokes for his Scramble Challenge on Diamond, yeah?
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