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  • AGAIN? You're addicted to Gen 5, dude. xD

    Speakin' of Jack Daniels, they've got a damn-good brand of BBQ sauces, ya know. I hear its the same stuff they use at TGI Fridays, and if you've had their BBQ ****, you'll know it's a high-quality blend. Booze and grills, what could be more american, eh?

    A "sack" of burritos? ... I don't think I've ever had a "sack" of burritos, lol.
    I feel like I've seen that Arcanine, somewhere... It's a damn-good avatar, but did you use it before? Or was it someone else? ... Like plenty of other things, I can't remember.
    Been fine. fell out of the Pokemon series, sadly. After beating the elite 4 in White (well, kinda), I just got drained of Pokemon. Moved to Yu-Gi-Oh :D. But really, nothing's changed since we last spoke. Lol.
    Hello Storm. Been a long time, huh? I basically gave up on this site, but seeing more people again kinda makes me wanna come back. How you been?

    And by the way, I love your avatar. I used it before, and Arcanine may be one of my favorite Pokemon, but definitely my favorite out of the 1st gen.
    I can forget all my PC-related knowledge in 6 months, sure, but I ain't going to forget about my friends, bro. =) Corny as it is.

    Yep... We've all gotta live through the good, the bad, the ugly. 'Less we let all the garbage life cannons at us break us, but hell, I think we've both seen enough already that we aren't going to just give up any time soon, yeah?

    Unless 2012 happens.



    Might I recommend an avatar of karp-ly artistics? :D
    ... ****, sorry dude, I should of thought more before saying that recklessly. :( My bad... You've got my condolences, Storm. I can relate, if only a little, how that bottomless pit of despair can feel when life goes down like that. It's no walk in the park, saying the least. =(
    I've been ****, no other way to say it man, lol. Life is a damned illusion. Everything you know, see, have, it can all just disappear without provocation or justification. Lucky for me, it wasn't permanent like a house fire or somethin', so I'm back. :D I'd imagine life'll start turning around for once, though... Hopefully.

    So... ... ...

    It's an illusion, bro. You just miss me so much you're hallucinating, like everyone else.

    What up, Storm? =) How ya been, bro?
    "the storm" yet another fayul player...i was friends with u...then u turned ur back on me so CK wudnt be mad...u r a FAyul player in so many ways its kinda funny...Great time harrasing u
    Wait, so Darius's ship is in Gerumbios cruiser? Is is visible from the moon of Inops? The silvership, I mean.
    Thank you. The problem is that my character has trouble interacting with most people right now, but I will definintley improve on this in the near future.
    The RP has started, and we've got a flood of new SUs! Things are looking pretty good, Storm mah buddy!
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