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    MadWorld broke my wii....

    wow.... really people? Did you read it? It says no ASKING for illegal software (warez). That doesn't mean you can't talk about it and ask what is wrong with their Wii. No links were given out, no Roms, Isos or cracks were provided. There's a difference in asking about what can be done to...
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    MadWorld broke my wii....

    That's interesting. I see no mention of this in the FAQ, and there are no obvious Rules threads in these forums that I've noticed. (other than the announcement about reputation).
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    Wow, gg. Don't have anything constructive to say, then shut up =)

    Wow, gg. Don't have anything constructive to say, then shut up =)
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    MadWorld broke my wii....

    It sounds like you updated your Wii with a different region's update package. (PAL on NTSC-U, or vice-versa) This happened to my friend's Wii a while back. Your system is likely either semi-brick blocked or fully brick blocked. Always be weary of updating from game discs. Especially if they...
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    Rate the sig above you! w00t!

    7/10 go Rukia
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    What religion are you?

    I hate hearing the word Theory thrown around like scientists have done no tests to validate the theory. GRAVITY is a freaking theory, but I don't see nearly as many people throw the idea of gravity out the window as those who disbelieve evolution because it's a "theory". "Theory: A theory is...
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    What religion are you?

    That seems REALLY foolish to me. I do not have faith that the chair will not collapse. I have the knowledge that I'm not a fat ass, and I have the knowledge of the past 10000s of times I sat on it and it did not break. Historical, empirical, measurable, tangible evidence. And even the...
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    Survey! OMG!

    Name: Ben Age: 23 Hair Color: Brown Occupation: Programmer What do you like most in a girl: TnA Favorite thing on TV: Anime Favorite Sport: Skateboarding Favorite Artist: Thrice Favorite Movie: Blue Spring Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Band / Music Artist: Thrice Height: 5' 11"...
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    The marijuana thread.

    (Ok, i'm on page 10 now... a few more Points) The issue about the laws is true. It's not really legal anywhere. I've been to Amsterdam, got some good pot/shrooms stories from there. They tolerate the "soft drugs" or organic drugs, pot and mushrooms. In England when i was there, they actually...
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    The marijuana thread.

    (i'm on page 8 now... had a few more comments) oh, and those who listen to their government and base their own morals of what to put into their body better realize they're actually listening to the lobbyists in congress winning the votes and keeping revolution down. Marijuana was made...
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    The marijuana thread.

    I could barely make it through the first page of replies before having to say something that I hope has been said in the 10+ pages preceding my reply. IMO. Marijuana is not a "Gateway" drug, nor would Alcohol or Cigarettes. Stop being a ***** and accept responsability for your actions. If...
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    How Old Are All The Wii Owners in Here

    23. Nintendo fanboy from birth. Had NES, SNES, N64, NOT gamecube, then Wii =) (aswell as the original Gameboy, GBC, GBA SP) (Had a SEGA gamegear somewhere in there too) And later a PS1, PS2, and XBox.
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    Favorite Wii Game

    Brawl, and I fell in love with the GH: WT Drum set =D And Bomberman is so classic and still so much fun.
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    List Of Upcoming Quality Wii Games

    Atleast they've got a release planned for 420. =) I've got a copy of .. Tenchu 4- February 3 (E) Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers- February 10 (E) seriously House of the Dead: Overkill- February 10 (E) Dead Rising- February 24 So far this month. Onechanbara is pretty sweet and fun to play...
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    Wii gets Final Fantasy IV sequel

    FF IV was an awesome FF too tho. And to say that the FF franchise doesn't reuse ideas throughout the entire series is naive and you should recognize it too. Atleast they didn't choose to make a sequel to FFVII LOL.