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  • I see that u are a member of [RS] I requested to join in early October but never got a response. I would just like to know why
    Yo, I added a while ago, if you get a chance add me 1346 2972 8747 Maybe you are on my list already. Whats your screen name?

    Disregard this whole message I ment it for KNOWN1. sorry.
    oh lol - i was also wondering why you're making threads about you at lvl 54 and 53 when both of your guys are 56... like about exp considering theres no lvl 57 (ihope!)
    I'll be adding you this evening when I get home. I've played you before and look forward to the next time.

    FC 466463770009 - 00zaner
    Not sure which of your FCs I added - what's your BARAKA FC? I've played you before as Baraka and you kick ass!
    Im up for a rematch, but we gotta get HQ, hes moving at the moment and cant play goldeneye for another week, and we need a 4th high level :/
    Hi Mate,

    I've added you. My FC is 3580-3606-0338

    See you on the battlefield!

    Dorian (aka Agent D)
    haha whatever man, I thought it was pretty lame but you can play however you want. Kinda like spawning 2 times a game to the other teams 6 or 7 right? I figured a partied up team like yourselves would be agood challenge but it turned into you guys not spawning, toobing, Volcorano throwing proxies, and honestly I was very unimpressed. Only reason I stuck around was to bust up your fun to atleast give you a little challenge. Anyways later.
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