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  • your a toad fan?
    im a toad fan aswell! :D
    if u play mario kart 7 then u picked the right choice!
    i pick Toad and Metal Mario Mainly in that game
    Just started playing again and need to add to my friends list
    FC - 068967369209
    Name Jeni
    Town Name Crafty
    Hi I need fc's for Mario strikers if you don't have it let's play Mario kart wii codes
    MSC: 249438-880821
    MKW: 2579-9228-0490
    can you get my profile and put that pic you made as my profile pic i cant cause i use my dsi and it wont let me:( if you can pm me.
    hey bro can you make me a profile pics with a black background and a skull with red eyes and two guns pointing at the bottom of its head and if possible put SD_BigShot in white letters on the top or bottom of the skull
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