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  • I've already got a Wii U. Your name sounds familiar too... Ah, yes. I remember running into someone by the same name on MKW. Was a dirty Grumble Volcano glitch ing a-hole.
    Who're you? And what post are you referring to that I said the Wii U was awesome?
    The mario kart servers will close? For maintenance or something? Because that would actually be good, since the connection problems actually make me lose points sometimes.
    lol,I added you, pity that Mario Kart Wii servers will close in May (together with other Nintendo games on the Wii, like SSBB ;/), you play other games online on Wii?
    wow, that's luxury. well, that's how it is when you must travel by bus to get to school. but there's no problem, I have no problems getting out of the bed in the mornings. I am allowed to do whatever I want in the morning, as long as I won't be late for school. but since I don't have any time for starting my computer, I just go online on my cellphone.
    I get up at 05.40 every school day. I guess I posted it when I ate breakfast or something.
    I only play like half an hour, but today I will be able to play more since I end around 12 o'clock
    I always have approximately the same amount of homework, it doesn't matter which months it is. ever heard of international baccalaureate? oh yeah, I think that only karts can get the orange turbo, because I just get the blue one and I'm always on a bike. but it's great though. I would be a much worse player if it wasn't for miniturbo lol. okay, I understand you!
    Oh nice!! I used to Ice skate when I was young, but we couldn't keep paying for lessons. Someday I might start again.
    oh okay, so you haven't used mini turbo before? it's great, it really is. it's easy to "create" on a bike, I think. yeah, let's see how it goes next time lol, and sorry I haven't been able to play. school is taking alot of time now.
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