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  • Yes, I've already figured out the viable candidates. Koshi, Neosquid, (although I doubt he takes the time for you), the Mods (it's their job), myself, and if given enough time I could find the others, but I'm bored of attempting to judge people's actions off of half assed guesses, based off of psychological theories. In other words, I'm lazy.
    Counter is useless against Link's projectiles unless your only other option is an air-dodge, which would leave ya even more vulnerable. Ya've also gotta be wary of the ol' clawshot since I'm grab happy and that nullifies Counter completely.

    Indeed. ._.; But I need Wolf practice... ;_;
    Didn't play Link in vBrawl period since they changed 'em so drastically... instead I picked up Tink. Which no one had a problem with back in the old vBrawl days of Wiichat, when everyone respected everyone.

    N00bs complain 'bout characters completely disregarding tiers... 'cause they're nubs. :lol: You MUST of heard the millions'a idiots sayin' Ike is broken, not knowin' it's their own idiocy of walkin' into F-smashes that makes Ike "broken".
    Between n00bs moronically complainin' 'bout Link and his projectile spam bein' OP, players such as myself who dislike walls of projectiles and the fact Link was by far my best character in Melee, no one wants me t' play Link. Most-everyone complains, and those who don't almost always want to but don't outta respect. So my original main and once main-to-be in P:M goes unplayed as a result. Saddens me greatly.

    Every once in awhile I'll bring 'em out, ignoring the negativity associated with the Goddess' chosen hero.
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