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  • If it's still applicable, than yes, I can post and see here, although I assume you undid anything you had done.
    that new smash bros game the first in hd i heard there is a chance roy will come back
    When the plan finally comes together, you will not receive specific information here.
    Some of this is obvious, and will most likely be guessed by others.

    Other portions is nigh impossible to get without it being fully explained. I would like to keep this, under the table, away from this site, until a proper time.
    I see, then I may disclose some information to you, although it must be somewhere far from the moderators reach, for my own protection. It should interest you, although, I would be counting upon your discretion.
    I take it that your accustom role that of the trusted adviser, the right hand man, the brains behind the operation, the observer, the one who holds the true power. Are you so engaged in your ways that you could never abandon them, your leader is a joke you must realize. You seem the type who takes interest in certain cases, and then observes them, regardless of whether the cause it right or wrong, you seek knowledge first, am I wrong?
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