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  • Yes, I have no way of accessing the internet at home, hence why I am not throwing my brawl code around challenging all the pros.
    Nox is overly occupied with class though, he isn't awesome enough to skate by with no effort. Maybe I can convince him to start easing up on the Stalinist work ethic.
    I still have a habit of running my mouth, I'm sure I'll get banned eventually, and I am not so sure about the 'Karp's opinion, he seems to have mixed feelings. Having to psychologists who know each other, and can speak face to face, off the record, is certainly interesting. I wonder what we'll end up doing? And he told me that I will be running the role play, but he'll be world building. We'll also both be players, the only problem is that we have different schedules. That may make it difficult.
    Exactly. But make sure to say it's from me! That's important, and this is only if something happens to me.
    Exactly I don't own anything, therefore you have everything I own!
    [lecture] I believe in anarcho chivalry, so I don't claim ownership over anything, and do not acknowledge anyone's property. I redistribute wealth where it is needed, and keep nothing more than is necessary for survival, to myself. To this end I work for the benefit of all those less fortunate than myself, and expect nothing in return, although I do not conform to anyone's laws or moral other than my own.[/lecture.]
    Back. He said, (and I quote), tell that damn mod, "Thank you sir may I have another".

    So now I am off, to say that to the mod, if I don't make it back, give everything I own to Lycan.
    Aw, no quote? That was the perfect opportunity for an; Et tu Brute.
    For accuracy it should be; Et tu Brute? But in this instance it could work.. but I'm rambling.

    That old turkey finally kicked the bucket?
    Not really, you won't truly understand me in the end anyway, but you're entertaining to talk to, at least more so than most others around here.
    Look whos back Trago
    I got Project M now
    Its pretty good But personally i like Brawl the best
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