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  • Aye, I would... but Wiichat don't got the biggest P:M crowd, does it? =/ MR ain't online neither.

    It's a secret to everybody.
    Ain't been playin' very often lately. That, and FFAs don't count. They're good fun, not good trainin'.


    'Ey Necroharbinger, up for some P:M? I can't let myself get outta practice like I've been lately.
    She was not playing it.

    It's hard at first but once you start using it a lot you will be able to wavedash out of things and into things
    Be Luigi and jump then quickly air dodge towards the ground. Depending on what angle you take depends on the direction you move. Luigi is the easiest to do it with.

    Up for some P:M?
    Don't say that or else you will never be able to surpass me

    You should also learn how to wavedash
    You can actually wavedash out of Ike's Side B
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