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  • I saw it on the viability list, sure, but I'm still skeptical about its performance there. B- is good, but I'm slightly confused about whether or not it should be lower. I don't really know.

    actually, cresselia's bulk is higher, a very significant amount so. Its max HP is 25% higher, and it has the same special defense, and almost the same physical defense. What do you want it to do? Cresselia's better in about every role, I'd imagine.
    yeahhhhh bitches
    maybe this will help people realize how good it is and they'll use it more in UU. And OU, though it's not quite as good in OU, obviously.
    Right? It's like,

    Playing with days of practice...

    Playing with months worth of what should be rust...
    Heeey we can PM today if you're up for it. Or to-morrow. I'm doing work at the moment but we can later on today.

    I may or may not be a bit rusty. Strangely though, I've noticed that if I leave the game alone for a while with 0 practice, I sometimes do better. Ever experienced that?
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