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  • He wont proably
    I at least want to see a Dark Pulse
    Though I did see an Ice Beam

    Blaziken got one.
    We don't know what Game Freak has in mind for Megas
    He will watch the whole vid. When it comes to Smash he will.
    And if he is that lazy I summed up the whole thing in a post.

    A Diverse Triangle:
    Lucario doesn't need to be a starter the Triangle still exists
    Greninja has Protean (Also we don't know if he has a Mega yet (but we did see his Final Smash))
    Charizard X probably wont last all game
    I just noticed and added this to my second mega post
    Charizard beats Lucario
    Lucario beats Greninja
    Greninja beats Charizard

    I will let him watch it the way everyone else did
    If he saw Greninja first he would be too hyped to watch the rest

    I already Spoiled Charizard for him.
    And he deserves it

    Tiki's pic blocks him from seeing more of my post until he is done
    Not much of it is spoilerish
    Under which video?
    Because everything is under the main one which has the Greninja Video at the end

    Had them both on already
    The Pokemon List was kinda a last minute thing because I saw at the beginning of the Greninja Vid a lot of Pokemon that were not mentioned in the Direct and are most likely Pokeballs
    I noted all of them with Squid but I made some mistakes getting them on my list
    Also NoxLamina is the Great Saiyaman (Gohan)
    yours has a non-transparent background and a pointless watermark
    I'm all for giving credit but there's no point to a watermark downsized this much
    Well it's no longer Wiichat, is it? Even you of all people should realize that. It's now
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