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  • I get those too, but not fuzzy. I can have perfect premonitions, and I can have incredibly good first impressions of people.
    Idk the 1 run by Nox, i got kicked outta al tr groups i was in, cn u tell ne the nanes of all the controllers u cn use 2 play ssbb, ik theres the gamecube xontroler the wii remote, the wii remoten nunchuck but wats the othr 1, i need 2 know all the names so ill know wat 1 i need 2 buy n do u have a kik or fb or somen cuz this site is slow......
    Remeber me, thts rite, im back *cue sonic the hedgehog theme* is that group that u n i were in stillactive?
    Eh, I don't really feel like making any new threads and I don't have anything to say... I just got the feeling I was supposed to talk to someone here... Dunno why, but I can have near psychic levels of random luck and hunches, so, I went with it.

    Glitch either is specific to you, or it's specifically not applying to me, could be either. It's probably only not applying to me, since I have a higher chance of being special then you do./lulzypretentiouscomments
    I feel like I should be talking to someone on here, but I have nothing to say to anyone... Damn my antisocial tendencies./randompointlesscommentthatcanbeignored
    Yes GG!
    As you can probably tell I haven't progressed 1 bit since the last time we battled looool

    Yeh, maybe I should...
    or maybe I shouldn't >;D Mwahaha.
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