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  • You know, you should talk a little more, even if you have nothing meaningfull to say, you could live up to your namesake...
    Your Wii? You can....attempt to fix it, but if the problem can't be fixed, you could always get a Wii U.

    My friend had a similar problem back then, but now he has a Wii U. Brawl's Wi-Fi works on it.
    You should post at least a couple times, in the Pointless Topic at least.

    To tell us you're still here.
    Nope, you haven't posted in the group at all, actually. :lol:

    You can still be in the Paladins even though you aren't active on WiiChat, just know what you're doing when you go into a Basic Brawl.

    And yes, you did make sense. I think.
    Ah. That's fine.

    Why won't you be able to participate in the Paladins? Is your Wii broken too?

    I'm a bit rusty from playing Project M, and I realized I never got to brawl you after you joined the Paladins.

    If you accept, use only your role against me. I will use all of my sword wielders against you. Good luck.
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