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  • Hello everyone I haven't been active in awhile but I'm gonna try to come back on every now and then again and I haven't played ssbb in 3 monthes starting to again and I still got it so yeah thanks, anyone want to chat just let me know.
    Sorry for the late reply, but my internet was beening very wierd. But we've fixed it for good! ( I hope :s ).
    But yeah, whenever your on next, and i'm on, we should have a game! ;p
    The image in that post is broken. Doesn't work anymore. I'm askin' why ya'd like it since ya can't see the image lol.
    Actually the image came first, it says so in the video's description... and on that note, if you're one'a those people who don't read descriptions, I'mma ban you.

    Most Falcon parodies are pretty ****, but that one's godlike. :lol: Good find bro.

    Also, why in 'Karp's name would ya like a post with a broken image?
    lol. :p

    Yes, we have the PSSA. It's pretty easy, I've got no worries.

    Why have you been grounded?
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