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  • just leaving a little hello to anyone who passes by~
    it's been a long time, but I remember my time here fondly! 💙

    this is one of very few websites of my childhood still around, which is so interesting (and awkward lol)
    oh btw, the phase where I was embarrassingly passionate about hating my old username? turns out that was gender dysphoria and I'm a guy lmao

    feel free to reach out @ blissprism on most sites!
    Well, it depends on what side'a the pime taradox ya end up on. Wouldn't want t' end up like future Trunks.
    'Ere, have another birthday message of well-wishes 'n all that flowery jazz.

    ... Hurry up 'n receive said message. D:<
    I've considered my own disappearingact.jpeg at one point, but I also considered that'd be a dick move since some of the community was still in existence. I ain't one to just up and leave friends, you can say. Until every one of my bros leaves, I'm sure as **** staying; as stupid as that is. :lol:



    I lol'd. >_>;
    Aye, perhaps I should... ;_;

    Forgive my herpaderp memory, but... why do ya hate Wiichat, again? If you don't mind me askin', 'course.

    Just 120 members, eh? I'll certainly keep the place in mind. Never was one for big forums; Wiichat certainly stretched my tolerance of such back in it's hay day.

    Speakin' of Pokechat, it still has some frequent visitors, actually. :lol: RockerJ, Nick Atack, and I tend to use the chatbox every so often. VMs are somewhat sluggish, after all.
    Hot damn, look who decided to stop by and say hello. =) How ya been Twiz?

    My dedication to Wiichat is second to only Prinny. :p ... Misplaced as that dedication might be.
    I'll be 16 in September.
    But you should stick around. Me and some other people have been doing what we can to help it, and I bet you here would help too.
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