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  • Looks like neither of us visit the forum anymore. You gotta get on Goldeneye some and play. I do have COD - one of them, but I have hardly played. Maybe I oughta give it a shot.
    Hey, buddy. I haven't seen you around in a long time - on the game or here. Though, I am rarely here. I just check in from time to time. How are ya?
    May I join [WC]? Ima 54 with a K/D of 1.48 (That is scarred from my noob days. I am much better now.)
    LOL:lol:, I have a Xbox 360 and a PS3! I was thinking of getting GE:R but I'll wait and see how it differs from GE Wii. GE:R has more weapons and maps. I saw a trailer for it and I have to say the Anova DP3 + AK-47 have less recoil in GE:R :yesnod:, I hope Eurocom fixed some of the weapon stats because seriously the Anova DP3 has maxed range and accuracy yet it has one of the biggest recoil of all the weapons in GE Wii. I'll definitely be getting BF3 fo PS3 since I won't pay for homo Xbox Live + Map packs and downloads will come early on PS3 :D. BF3 is looking awesome I can't wait , only 10 days left till release (^.^) !
    Well I really don't care about GE anymore :/.Some game modes are taking a long time to find, and Elite GE players are retiring lately.I doubt HQ will make a return, he's probaly retiring and playing some other game or focusing on his life.Our WC Clan is slowly becoming inactive :(, I mean look at our thread,social group, and chat, there's barely any new posts lately.Not to mention some WC members are losing faith in the game, I barely see anyone on.Well I'll be busy on GE:R,MW3, or BF3 sometime soon, because WC won't have any events or wars coming up anytime soon.Oh and yes OD does hack, Blaze is such a mouthy person on chat yet on GameFAQS/spot he denies that OD hacks.I know two of their members that hack, OD_Tomiie and OD_Diablo.Who cares about GE, it's just a game and I'm gonna retire sooner rather than later!
    Well OD challenged us to a war on Sunday but they wanted 2 reschedule for Saturday, so Vol grabbed up as much members as he can @ the last second.The war began on 4pm EST. best out of 5 and sadly WC lost, I did find OD suspicious as they were killing me faster while I had BB+RA.Well GE is dying so wut's the point of wars anymore if they're not fun/competitive and organized.
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