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  • It's been half a month, I'm rarin' to go. :p I don't care what banlist you're usin', but I've got my decks set for the most recent on 2010 (March 2011). Good luck bro, I suspect you'll need it. ;) I'll be waitin' online.
    Tutorials, as in tutoring?

    School... Oh, I sure as **** still remember how much fun that was. =/ Can't wait for college.
    'Sup Admiral? ... I can call ya that, right? :lol:

    Sorry for the late response, internet's been dead for the past while... Probably been a week.
    Karps... LOL! I'm remembering that alias. :lol:

    My memory ain't the greatest, so I wouldn't criticize ya for forgetting. It happens. But now you owe me a duel. ;)

    Sorry for the wait, my room ain't the most organized. :lol: If you're ready to duel, let's get it done, yeah?
    I'd recommend waiting 'till 2012 for exceeds since, in my opinion, it's hardly worth the upgrade to 2011. Just ain't enough good new cards to warrant the buy I'd say. Missing a lot of cards from the packs it's supposed to cover too. =/ That, and there's always Duel Network.

    Anywho, throw your FC my way bro. Gotta find my dusty game case for 2010 before I can give ya mine.
    Nah, AC ain't really my kind of game.

    So long as you don't mind losin', yeah. ;) The most recent copy of World Championship you've got is 2010, right?
    Yeah, you can get your name changed; you'll have to contact an admin, though. Supermods don't have the power to do that.

    I'm not sure if any admins are active at the moment, though... I'll make sure to tell you if I see one of 'em.
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