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  • You play GE a lot? I think I'm addicted to it. My FC is 3888-5789-9966. See ya.
    Yeah, I saw that! Too funny. And it worked great because I was able to distract you long enough to give the guy on the other team enough time to come up the ramp and double-kill us both! It was a perfect 4-kill swing in the match! Couldn't have planned it any better!! :ihih:
    HEHE . . . really? Which part drove you crazy the most? My super-awesome dance moves? Or perhaps the way I use smoke and flash grenades to cause chaos? Or perhaps it was when I would use my pea shooter [P99] to shoot you in the head everytime I saw you?! LOL - you're lucky my wife made me log off to walk the dog. Team License to Kill was next... Can you say "Double-Agent?!" :hand: GG's bud!
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